New article by Brice Dattée and Jean-Luc Arrègle in California Management Review.

Managing acquired subsidiaries can be daunting. Parent and affiliate executives strive to co-create value, but fixed mindsets around subsidiary autonomy can result in diverging interests and outcomes. Through a longitudinal study of Audi’s post-acquisition integration of supercar manufacturer Lamborghini, this article provides guidance on how to manage the level of acquired subsidiary autonomy as a strategic dial that can be dynamically adjusted over time for mutual benefit. This dynamic approach to autonomy rests on three specific managerial levers—appraisal respect, organizational identity, and resource orchestration. These can enable the renewal of competitive capabilities and sustain post-acquisition success.


C. Lawton, T., N. Angwin, D., Dattée, B., Arrègle, J.-L., & Barbieri, P. (2024). Autonomy as a Strategic Dial: A Dynamic Framework for Managing Acquired Subsidiaries. California Management Review, 66(3), 47-68.