Philippe Monin

I am Professor of Strategic Management at EMLYON Business School, France, and currently its Chief Transformation Officer. As Associate Dean for Research from 2008 to 2016, I had the opportunity to develop research activities, outputs, and impact across domains. Over the last two years (2015-2017), I had the privilege to chair the Board of the AIMS (Association Internationale de Management Stratégique), the leading French-speaking community of management scholars.

My contributions have been published in leading journals in strategic management, human resource management and sociology of organizations (American Journal of Sociology, American Sociological Review, Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Journal, Organization Science, Human Resource Management, Human Relations…). I was happy enough to receive the W. Richard Scott Distinguished Award for Scholarly Contribution in 2005 for an outstanding contribution to the discipline by the American Sociological Association. I also received the Academic Award 2013 by SYNTEC Conseil en Management, in partnership with FNEGE and Expansion Management Review, for a paper published in 2011 on the Air-France – KLM merger.

Over the last twenty years, I have been working on post-integration processes in domestic and international M&As. I carried out empirical research at Renault-Nissan & Air France-KLM, and examined the influences of distributive and procedural justice, exemplarity, trust and perceptions of cultural compatibility on post-acquisition performance. I have also been working in the domain organizational theory, notably cultural sociology, (neo)-institutional sociology, and social movement theory. I especially focused on the role of social movements in field transformation; the antecedents and consequences of erosion of boundaries between artistic categories and genre works; the antecedents and consequences of innovation diffusion in cultural fields; and the study of markets for critical opinion. Empirical fieldworks related to Gastronomy (France) and Wine (Bordeaux, Languedoc, Piedmont-Italy and Golan Heights – Israel).

More recently, and in close proximity with my ongoing PhD and DBA students, I have examined Bottom of the Pyramid innovation in the field on insurance in India and catch-up innovation in Chinese Food Retail Industry. My ongoing research focuses on the emergence and diffusion of palliative care in Kerala, India, and on the identity of migrant workers in the Guangdong region. To date, and this is of very special value to me, I have published with more than 30 different coauthors, including many MSc and Ph.D. students, and supervised and chaired more than 50 doctoral dissertations and HDRs.

I am married, have three children, used to run marathon, and – when time permits – like to play chess (also used to be a referee in that sport).