New article by Olga Novoselova in Strategic Management Journal

Past research discovered multiple drivers of interorganizational connectivity; however, their relative importance remains a puzzle. This study generalizes known network antecedents to six dimensions of the interorganizational environment—time, industry, geography, organization, networks, and agents—and decomposes variability in dyadic corporate connectedness to find the dimensions’ relative importance for board interlocks, executive migration, and alliances among the S&P 500 companies in 1997–2015. Firm-specific factors matter for all ties, industry—for alliances and executive migration, and geography—for board interlocks. Effects of time, executives, and past connections are relatively unimportant. Tie types differ in how much of their variability the analysis accounts for: while substantial part of alliance variability can be attributed to the six dimensions together, they explain much less of board interlock variability.


Olga Novoselova. 2022. What matters for interorganizational connectedness? Locating the drivers of multiplex corporate networks. Strategic Management Journal, 43(4): 872-899. First published 29 September 2021.