NOCODE: Explore textual data without coding

About the Workshop

Hands-on workshop: using a nocode web app for text mining and more (choice modeling).

In this workshop, we will discover and make use of nocodefunctions (, which is a personal project Clément Levallois developed in 2021.

Nocode function’s value is to provide researchers with free nocode tools to explore texts at scale. It is suitable for researchers in any field of social sciences where text analysis can be used. There is no prerequisite t use it.

Nocode functions offer 6 functions centered on sentiment analysis, detection of promoted content, topic detection and exploration of texts through their visualizaton as networks of expressions.

A new function will also be premiered at the workshop: creating Best-Worst Scaling tasks in a user-friendly manner and scalable to many respondents (

To prepare for this workshop, have it ready on your laptop one or several texts that you would be interested in exploring. These can be:

– files in pdf, txt or csv format, or text in Excel spreadsheets or Google spreadsheets (but not Word documents).
– one unique document or a list of documents,
– in any language

If you want to test the new Best-Worst Scaling task, have ready a list of items that you would like to see ranked by respondents. This list can be in a text, csv, or spreadsheet format.

About Clément Levallois (emlyon business school)

I am a Chaired implid professor in data valuation at emlyon business school. My research interests lie in exploring how social sciences get impacted by developments in “hard” sciences. I started with a PhD on post-WWII relationships between economics and biology, followed by NESSHI, a 5-year research project at Rotterdam Business School on the impact of the new neurosciences on marketing, economics and the humanities.
I progressively switched to the exploration of new data intensive methodologies in social sciences, with a focus on network visualization techniques, text mining and Twitter data. For this, Gephi and Java coding are my favorite tools.
In a new project, I investigate how “data” can be defined as an asset in the patrimony of organizations, from an accounting and financial point of view.
Since 2018, I am the co-director of emlyon’s MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Science.


Date: 2 December, 2021

Time: 12:00-1:30 pm CEST

Venue: Both in-person (Room A337) & on Zoom (link provided to registered attendees only)

Should you want to attend, please register at the link.