New book chapter by Alan Johnson in Research Handbook of Innovation for a Circular Economy.

Circular Economy (CE) is built on applied innovation effort. Seemingly, Japan and China have taken a lead in CE-related (technical) innovation with US and Europe trailing. However, our analyses suggest that current indicators of CE-related (technical) innovations, exclude patent documents we need for CE innovation management and public policy research questions. We suggest a three phase ‘budget’ Y*-tag method to improve the current indicators extending the existing methodology by the European Patent Office, but using extensive data science and relational database automation. In doing so, we outline procedures to combine “Recycle” and other “R” keyword searches of patent documents with validation of data from other sources, e.g., citations, inventor names, affiliations, locations and content. Further, we stress valid measurement for CE related innovation, if it is to be analyzed with complementary data (e.g., research publications) with appropriate international comparisons to monitor the diffusion and impact of CE.


Modic, Dolores, Alan Johnson, and Miha Vučkovič. “Towards measuring innovation for circular economy using patent data.” Research Handbook of Innovation for a Circular Economy. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2021. 265-276.