Estimating the relative importance of predictors: research questions, study design, and analytical tools.

About the Workshop

While quantitative studies often test hypotheses about the presence and direction of a particular effect, some of them are focused on how much various factors matter for the outcome of interest. This workshop will discuss the types of research questions about the relative importance of predictors, present an overview of such studies in management, compare various study designs used to address such questions, and present recent methodological advances in estimating predictors’ relative importance.

The workshop is partially based on the recent publication: Novoselova, O. A. What matters for interorganizational connectedness? Locating the drivers of multiplex corporate networks. Strategic Management Journal. First published: 29 September 2021. doi: 10.1002/smj.3343

About Olga Novoselova (emlyon business school)

Olga Novoselova is an Assistant Professor of Strategy and Organization. She first joined STORM as a post-doctoral fellow after receiving her PhD in Sociology from the University of Iowa in 2019.

Her research focuses on the relational nature of organizations as complex structures nested within other complex structures. Olga is interested in “big-picture” questions that reveal the universality of mechanisms underlying effects that can be reliably observed in general populations of organizations and uses computationally intensive methodology to address them. Her studies explore multiplex corporate connectivity among public companies, relational organizational identity and reference groups in the field of higher education, academic citation audiences, organizational innovation, and learning from mistakes.

Date:10 March 2022

Time: 12:00-1:30 pm CEST

Venue: Both in-person (Room A337) & on Zoom (link provided to registered attendees only)